Hell’s Diva Mecca’s Mission

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1000451137_LGHell’s Diva: Mecca’s Mission
Mecca is Hell’s Diva…but who could blame her when her life’s been hell on earth? As a kid, she watched her parents get killed by a so-called family friend. She’s taken in by her aunt Ruby, until Ruby also gets snatched away from her, though this time because of a deal Ruby made with a Satan from the streets, who’s provided her with an endless supply of money and luxury goods. Mecca knows that the only person she can ever count on is herself as she embarks on a mission to take control of her life by taking over the streets. But when the truth of what happened with her family is revealed, and a pathway clears to leading a more righteous life, will she chose the high road, or is she destined to meet their same terrible fate?

Hell’s Diva – Anna J. – Paperback


Love Brought Me Back

Natalie Cole

Grammy® Award-winning singer and acclaimed actress Natalie Cole shares a powerful memoir of family and love, heartbreak and healing.

In 2009, Natalie Cole was on dialysis, her kidneys failing, and she needed a transplant badly. She received much support during her illness, especially from her beloved sister, Cookie. Then Cookie was diagnosed with non-curable cancer. As Cookie lay dying in a hospital, Natalie constantly at her side, Natalie received a call that a kidney was available, but the surgery had to be performed immediately. Natalie couldn’t bear to leave her sister—but if she refused the kidney, she herself would not survive. The surgery to save Natalie occurred while Cookie’s life slipped away….

This is a story of sisters, but not simply Natalie and Cookie. Patty and Jessica were also sisters, and it was Jessica’s untimely death and organ donation that gave new life to Natalie. Like Natalie, Patty suffered her own terrible loss, but when she met Natalie, she found that her sister’s spirit still lived, and Natalie and Patty became sisters in spirit. Natalie’s powerful, heart-wrenching story of loss and recovery, sorrow and joy, despair and hope will touch you as few memoirs ever have.
Love Brought Me Back – Natalie Cole – Hardcover
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Super Rich


Russell Simmons’

The entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author presents a powerful guide to attaining true abundance. Russell Simmons’ unique blend of spiritual savvy and street-smarts will show you how to develop an unshakable sense of “wealth” to weather any financial storm. In straight-talking, inspiring chapters, Russell shares unforgettable anecdotes from his life that helped him get where he is: “You give until they can’t live without it,” he says of giving away his music when he was just starting out. From that basic wisdom, that giving is the key to abundance, he’s built his own empire and the careers of so many. Now he shows you how to be the magnet that pulls all the bounty the world has to offer right to your front door!
Super Rich – Russell Simmons – Paperback