The Baptism

by Shelia P. Moses

Twelve-year-old twin brothers Leon and Luke Curryare now old enough to get baptized, and their Ma has given them one week to cleanse themselves of their “sinning” ways and get themselves ready for the big event. Continue reading “The Baptism”

Dirty Money Honey

by Nisa Santiago, Erica Hilton & Kim K

She’s only twenty-five, but Honey has run up a lot of exes in her life—an ex-con father, an ex-husband and an ex-career as an ATF agent. Now working as a blackjack dealer in Vegas, she’s about to put her life’s training to good use as Honey develops a master plan to get that dirty money by hijacking an armored truck in broad daylight. Normally prepared for anything, the Las Vegas police are baffled by this blatant crime and pressure from the public and casino owners drive them to desperation. Honey and her loyal followers may have pulled off one of the most rewarding and masterful heists in Las Vegas history, but not everyone will get to enjoy the loot. Someone will take the fall and Honey could be looking at some serious time….
Dirty Money Honey – Erica Hilton – Paperback

Kings of Vice

Internationally known celebrity and TV star Ice-T tells the tale of Marcus “Crush” Casey, a former crime boss who took a fall and served twenty years. Now he’s back on the streets, looking to right old wrongs and take revenge. Crush has vengeance on his mind, but prison has changed him in ways he could not have expected. So while the one-time leader of the Vicetown Kings, the most powerful crime syndicate in New York City, is going to take back all of his losses and get revenge on those who wronged him, starting with the “friend” who killed his only son, he’s also going to try and clean up the ’hood. Crush must keep the cops at bay as he takes back his crew and guides them to protect the city and its citizens…or die trying.
Kings of Vice – Ice-T – Paperback



1000470218_LGYoung, sexually curious Serenity has always desired both men and women, so when she heads to college in Washington, D.C., she’s excited to explore her own carnal limits when she hooks up with Sadie Smith. But soon her life will change forever. Brand new is this dangerous and exciting underworld Sadie initiates Serenity into, with all its sex and secrets, and Serenity can’t help but become further entangled in Sadie’s seductive web. But eventually, Sadie’s obsession begins to fully envelop Serenity…and it looks like she’ll never find a way to escape her lover’s clutches. Well, there might be one way out. And as Serenity gets further pulled into Sadie’s world of deceit, lies and danger, it may just be her only way out….
Bi-Curious, Volume 2 – Natalie Weber – Paperback