My Little Secret


On the surface, Midori Hunter seems to have it all—gorgeous car, beautiful home, wealthy husband. But something big is missing. Just one of the casualties when you marry for money instead of love… So when she learns her Chief of Gynecology husband has been stepping out, Midori decides to seek out a little happiness of her own. That’s when she hooks up with Jaydah B., a sassy, sometimes cranky best selling author, who’s also dealing with drama. When they’re together, the two women seem a match made in heaven and couldn’t be happier. That is, until the lies each has told threaten to surface. Midori and Jaydah both have a lot on the line, and both will loose everything if their steamy affair does not remain their little secret  Books by Anna J from Black Expressions Book Club
My Little Secret – Anna J. – Paperback

Snow White

Snow White

Nine-year-old Journey’s had a life no child should have to face with an HIV-positive mother hopelessly hooked on drugs. She gets “help” getting by from her uncle Vince, who doles out some occasional cash and supplies Journey’s mother with Snow White, a highly addictive crack-cocaine. But he expects to be paid back with sexual favors…. She hates Vince with a passion, but she feels helpless and knows she needs him if she’s going to survive. Then she meets Khalid, who becomes the only person she can trust. When they come of age, they fall in love, and Vince is not happy about Khalid getting in on his action, so he takes his own kind of revenge. Can Journey and Khalid’s love survive the madness of the street?  
Snow White – Anna J. – Paperback

Hell’s Diva Mecca’s Mission

Books by Anna J from Black Expressions Book Club
1000451137_LGHell’s Diva: Mecca’s Mission
Mecca is Hell’s Diva…but who could blame her when her life’s been hell on earth? As a kid, she watched her parents get killed by a so-called family friend. She’s taken in by her aunt Ruby, until Ruby also gets snatched away from her, though this time because of a deal Ruby made with a Satan from the streets, who’s provided her with an endless supply of money and luxury goods. Mecca knows that the only person she can ever count on is herself as she embarks on a mission to take control of her life by taking over the streets. But when the truth of what happened with her family is revealed, and a pathway clears to leading a more righteous life, will she chose the high road, or is she destined to meet their same terrible fate?

Hell’s Diva – Anna J. – Paperback