Natural Born Liar

by Noire

The delicious and devilish Mink LaRue is the long-lost daughter of a Texas oilman…and if you buy that, she’s got a bridge to sell you. In reality, she’s a 20-year-old hooker, petty thief, gold-digging skank and natural born liar. And in Noire’s skillful hands, Mink’s dirty deeds and boudoir misadventures will leave you breathless.

As the Sexy Little Liar trilogy begins, Mink, on probation for check-kiting, is dabbling in pole dances and doing a bit of bedroom blackmail on the side. When she meets Dajuan, a Philly hustler looking to make the big move in the Big Apple, the maker finds herself the mark for the first time in her life. “Bad News LaRue” needs some good news, fast. And she finds some.

Sable Dominion, heiress to a Lone Star State oil fortune, disappeared in NYC 18 years ago, at the age of three. When Mink sees a missing person photo of her, she notices the striking resemblance—and hatches her biggest con ever. Soon she’s in Houston, where she’s flim-flammed half the hopeful family and slept with the rest. But Sable’s uncle, Suge Dominion, isn’t exactly Mr. Clean himself. And if it takes a liar to catch a liar, Mink LaRue may rue this day!  
Natural Born Liar – Noire – Paperback