1000061016_LGThe reigning Queen of Erotica returns with her hottest collection of erotic fiction yet! The steamy follow up to the smash hit Chocolate FlavaSucculent takes readers from the boardroom to the bordello, featuring twenty-seven stories written by today’s hottest authors—plus three red-hot tales penned by Zane herself!

There’s simply no telling what fantasies you’ll discover as you turn the page and move from one scorching scenario to another. There’s “The Best Psychic in Town,” where an intimate tarot card reading produces some delightfully unexpected results for both parties involved, “Three Is Never A Crowd,” where a midlife crisis helps bring together three very agile bodies for a steamy affair, and “Devil’s Worship,” where a rising Hollywood star catches the eye of everybody in town—especially her sexy and experienced manager. And in Zane’s own “Trisexuality,” an adventurous woman chases fast times and easy money by baring everything on a live internet sex show.

From the dangerous and seductive world of underground sex clubs to the high stakes love affairs that can derail careers and ruin lives, Succulent is a delicious treat from start to finish.  
Succulent – Zane – Hardcover
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Another Time, Another Place

1000075636_LGAnother Time, Another Place

Turn up the heat with five sensual novellas that will take you on a wild erotic romp through time. This scorching anthology showcases the red-hot talents of Zane, Jonathan Luckett, Rique Johnson and other new voices.

With its lush settings and a taste for the unknown, Another Time, Another Place is a delicious, decadent treat that brings whole new worlds of fire and fantasy to life, as it transports readers through sensuous and steamy encounters around the world and through history. From ancient times when the pharaohs ruled, to forbidden passions in the time of slavery, to a future where technology has reshaped the meaning and making of love, there’s an amorous adventure sure to satisfy every erotic craving and taste!
Another Time, Another Place – Zane – Paperback

Honey Flava

Honey Flava

1000068556_LGThe reigning Queen of Erotica returns with a smoldering new collection of erotic fiction! For Honey Flava, Zane looks to the Far East, exploring the sensual desires and scorching passions of Asian desire—plus one riveting new tale penned by Zane herself.

From the allure of the Geisha to the intermingled pleasures and pains of acupuncture, every page of this steamy collection contains a tempting new fantasy for you to explore and enjoy. In “The Meaning of Zhuren,” Jean’s handsome new boyfriend Dirk introduces her to the world of bondage and submission, placing the Chinese wordzhuren, or master, in a whole new light.

In “Emma’s Cricket Lesson,” a high-powered talent agent receives a sexy personal tutorial in the foreign sport of cricket before negotiating with one of India’s top players.

And in Zane’s own “The Big Bang Theory,” a gorgeous female racecar driver shows the drag-racing boys (and girls) a thing or two about handling themselves in a “high-octane” situation. Zane fans won’t want to miss it!

Featuring 19 tantalizing tales from some of the hottest young authors working in erotica today, Honey Flava is guaranteed to satisfy your taste for something sinfully delicious.