In The Confident Woman’s Devotional

In The Confident Woman’s Devotional, specially designed to be a companion to The Confident Woman, Joyce provides the wisdom, encouragement and tools any woman at any point in her Christian walk needs to resolve problems and grow in her relationship with Christ. The devotionals are short—no more than a half-page each—keeping the lessons clear and succinct and making it easy to start each day. And Joyce candidly reveals her own past of abuse and bitterness, using personal examples and insights to illustrate how she dealt with and overcame those obstacles.

The Confident Woman Devotional – Joyce Meyer – Hardcover

Eat the Cookie…Buy the Shoes

Breaking from a strictly regimented lifestyle is a sign of weakness, right? Wrong! And in Joyce Meyer’s Eat the Cookie…Buy the Shoes, you’ll find out why God says it’s ok to eat the cookie.

Many of us believe that unbending discipline is the only sure path to God’s love. We must go to the gym five times a week, never order dessert and don’t even think about buying that dress. Though setting rules is important, it’s also important that we lighten up from time to time and know that God will still be at our side, every step of the way. Balance is the key and every once in awhile it’s OK to break the rules.

Eat the Cookie…Buy the Shoes – Joyce Meyer – Audio Compact Disc – Unabridged

The Secret Power of Speaking God’s Word

Speak aloud your heartâ™s desires to God and experience a new power in your life. Scripture quotes allow you to speak your needs and are arranged in more than 50 topics, including loneliness and waiting for God’s™s timing.

Speak aloud your heart’s desires to God and experience a new power in your life. Scripture quotes allow you to speak your needs and are arranged in more than 50 topics, including loneliness and waiting for God’s™s timing.

Secrets to Exceptional Living – Joyce Meyer – Hardcover

Battlefield of the Mind Commemorative Edition

Battlefield of the Mind Commemorative Edition

We are thrilled to offer you this special commemorative edition of Joyce Meyer’s bestselling Battlefield of the Mind. This expanded edition includes updated chapters and a new introduction from Joyce, as well as a lovely ribbon marker.

Those of us who sometimes suffer from negative thoughts can take heart. In her most popular bestseller yet, this beloved author and minister helps us change our lives by changing our minds. Joyce shows us how to deal with negative thoughts and focus our mind on the way God thinks. Along the way, she shares the trials and victories from her own marriage and family, candidly revealing her thoughts and feelings.

This special commemorative edition is a great gift for a friend and a must-have for yourself.
Battlefield of the Mind for Kids – Joyce Meyer – Paperback

Power Thoughts

Power Thoughts

1000403876_LGIn Power Thoughts, Joyce Meyer outlines a flexible program to overcome negative thinking that holds you back, turn your positive thoughts into habits— and your habits into success.

One of Joyce’s favorite slogans is, “Where the mind goes, the man (or woman) follows.” This was the basis for her bestselling Battlefield of the Mind, and, in this, her latest book, Joyce provides “power thoughts” you can tap into to bring you to new levels of achievement.

In Part 1, Joyce shares some potentially life-changing truths and insights on the power of your thoughts, how they influence your life and the importance of the way you think. You’ll see how your thoughts affect your health, mental and emotional well-being and spiritual growth. In Part 2, she reveals 12 “power thoughts” that can revolutionize your life if you believe them, allow them to take root in your mind and act on them in your everyday life.

You’ll be equipped with strategies that provide the antidote for every battle in your mind through a flexible program that works. By using Joyce’s powerful keys to successful thinking, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the life you desire—and God wants you to have.
Power Thoughts – Joyce Meyer – Hardcover