Dear Drama

Braya Spice


Have you ever had a friend who just seems to attract trouble, no matter what she does? That’s Allure. Just 21, she barely made it out alive from an abusive relationship with her psycho baby daddy, Greg. Poor girl just wants to be loved, but the harder she tries to find the right man, the more wrong her life gets.


Whether it’s Lavante, who has to stuff socks in his pants to make himself feel manly; or Derek, who would be a fine catch if his bipolar disorder didn’t almost get Allure killed; or Bryce, a sweet and sexy cop whose first love is the crack pipe; Allure bounces from one drama to another. Then there’s James, strong and stable—until he knocks her up and hits the road. Get ready to laugh—and cry—at Allure’s crazy love life.

Dear Drama – Braya Spice – Paperback

Low Down and Dirty

Vickie M. Stringer

Some people seem to make enemies every time they draw a breath. Raven “Red” Gomez is one of them. Her dirty deeds in Detroit seem to have paid off, and Red thinks she’s on top of the world. She’s got a bestselling book on the shelves, she’s making big bucks as an Arizona home broker, and all her old nemeses lie dead or defeated—including Detective Thomas, who almost put her away.


But this schemer is a dreamer if she thinks she’s outrun trouble. Now a whole new slew of foes is on her trail…and so is Q, the man Red still loves, the only man who’s as low down and dirty as she is. Even though she left him for dead, he can’t get her out of his heart. Now, as Det. Thomas closes in, Arizona is about to find out just how dirty Red can get!
Low Down and Dirty – Vickie M. Stringer – Paperback

Natural Born Liar

by Noire

The delicious and devilish Mink LaRue is the long-lost daughter of a Texas oilman…and if you buy that, she’s got a bridge to sell you. In reality, she’s a 20-year-old hooker, petty thief, gold-digging skank and natural born liar. And in Noire’s skillful hands, Mink’s dirty deeds and boudoir misadventures will leave you breathless.

As the Sexy Little Liar trilogy begins, Mink, on probation for check-kiting, is dabbling in pole dances and doing a bit of bedroom blackmail on the side. When she meets Dajuan, a Philly hustler looking to make the big move in the Big Apple, the maker finds herself the mark for the first time in her life. “Bad News LaRue” needs some good news, fast. And she finds some.

Sable Dominion, heiress to a Lone Star State oil fortune, disappeared in NYC 18 years ago, at the age of three. When Mink sees a missing person photo of her, she notices the striking resemblance—and hatches her biggest con ever. Soon she’s in Houston, where she’s flim-flammed half the hopeful family and slept with the rest. But Sable’s uncle, Suge Dominion, isn’t exactly Mr. Clean himself. And if it takes a liar to catch a liar, Mink LaRue may rue this day!  
Natural Born Liar – Noire – Paperback

The Dopeman’s Wife

by JaQuavis Coleman


Once the streets pull you in, they own you. Or at least that’s the way it’s been for Nautica. Growing up in the ‘hood, all she’s ever known is the fast life—fast money ill-gotten through scandals and relentless scheming. But when a big scam nearly finishes her off, she decides to seek more out of life than the “hustle” and tries to make a new life for herself on the East Coast.

It isn’t long, though, before she falls in with Manny, a drug kingpin, who sweeps her off her feet. He promises to marry her and make her “Queen of the Street.” Then everything falls apart. As their relationship unravels, both of their dark secrets are uncovered, pitting them against each other in this exciting tale of love and deception.
The Dopeman’s Wife – JaQuavis Coleman – Paperback

The Dopefiend

by JaQuavis Coleman

Part 2 of the Dopeman’s Trilogy, JaQuavis Coleman chillingly chronicles the life and crimes of Harlem resident Hazel Brown, as she rises to the highest highs and spirals into an inevitable, devastating downfall. Hazel has nothing and no one in her life; the only thing she “owns” is an insatiable addiction to heroin. Her addiction brings her to the slums, where she quickly learns the tricks of surviving—of hustling and getting her street smarts.


She’ll do anything to feed her habit, even if that means robbing and conning and selling her own body. Yet no matter how much heroin she does, the pain that’s cut so deep within her never goes away in this story so intimate and compellingly written, you’ll feel like you’re walking in her shoes.

The Dopefiend – JaQuavis Coleman – Paperback

Dopeman: Memoirs of a Snitch

1000627298_LGJaQuavis Coleman, half of the Ashley & JaQuavis power-combo, serves up Dopeman: Memoirs of a Snitch, the third book in his bestselling Dopeman Trilogy. It’s a hustler’s love story at its absolute best!

The DEA has launched an intricate plot to bring down the drug kings, and at the top of the target list is Seven Smith—the biggest, baddest drug lord the Midwest has ever known. Seven has found a promising new protégé in up-and-comer Braylon “Ball” Kennedy, who’s already impressed Seven with his hood-smart hustling and cold-blooded way with a gun. But Seven needs to watch his back: Ball’s determined to become the most notorious snitch of all time by ratting Seven out to the DEA.

But it’s not going to be that easy. He’s made the mistake of falling in love with Seven’s trusted lieutenant, Lola Banks. She’s as lethal a thug as he is—and she’s firmly off-limits. But she can’t deny their attraction, and a fiery fling soon sparks. Now the big haul is about to go down, and the feds are closing in. Ball finds himself caught between his passion for Lola and his plan to deep-six Seven and his operation. As the lies, the double-crosses, and the body count add up, who will survive the deadly endgame?

Dopeman – JaQuavis Coleman – Paperback

Eric Jerome Dickey

Dickey Eric JeromeHailed as “one of the few kings of popular African-American fiction for women” by the New York Times, Eric Jerome Dicke is the national best-selling author of Pleasure, Waking with Enemies, Sleeping with Strangers, Chasing Destiny, Genevieve, Drive Me Crazy, Thieves’ Paradise, and several other books. He is a contributor to Got to Be Realand NAL’s Mothers & Sons. He worked as a computer programmer, a middle schoolteacher, actor, and stand up comic before becoming a full-time novelist. Dickey is originally from Memphis, Tennessee and currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

An Accidental Affair

An Accidental Affair


by Eric Jerome Dickey

In Hollywood, the only thing rarer than a snowstorm is a faithful spouse. High-powered screenwriter James Thicke thinks his wife, movie star Regina Baptiste, is the exception—so he doesn’t hesitate to write a steamy part for her in his latest film, one that tests the boundaries of on-screen sexuality.

But James’ faith in his wife is shaken when a scandalous sex video suddenly sets the gossip machine abuzz. It seems Regina was filming a hot love scene with buff leading man Johnny “Handsome” Bergs when the “acting” got out of hand—and it’s all over the Internet for everyone to see.


In a fit of rage, the impulsive James succumbs to his violent inclinations and beats Johnny senseless. He goes on the run, trailed by police and paparazzi alike. Meanwhile, Regina’s accidental affair has made her more famous than ever before—but she’s been seduced by cocaine and now she’s threatened by a blackmailer. As their marriage crumbles under the weight of lust and lies, James faces a difficult choice: Protect his wife from herself…or get revenge.

Eric Jerome Dickey is back to doing what he does best—sensuous storytelling packed with high-intensity action and peopled with complex, unforgettable characters.
An Accidental Affair – Eric Jerome Dickey – Audio Compact Disc – Unabridged

In The Confident Woman’s Devotional

In The Confident Woman’s Devotional, specially designed to be a companion to The Confident Woman, Joyce provides the wisdom, encouragement and tools any woman at any point in her Christian walk needs to resolve problems and grow in her relationship with Christ. The devotionals are short—no more than a half-page each—keeping the lessons clear and succinct and making it easy to start each day. And Joyce candidly reveals her own past of abuse and bitterness, using personal examples and insights to illustrate how she dealt with and overcame those obstacles.

The Confident Woman Devotional – Joyce Meyer – Hardcover

Eat the Cookie…Buy the Shoes

Breaking from a strictly regimented lifestyle is a sign of weakness, right? Wrong! And in Joyce Meyer’s Eat the Cookie…Buy the Shoes, you’ll find out why God says it’s ok to eat the cookie.

Many of us believe that unbending discipline is the only sure path to God’s love. We must go to the gym five times a week, never order dessert and don’t even think about buying that dress. Though setting rules is important, it’s also important that we lighten up from time to time and know that God will still be at our side, every step of the way. Balance is the key and every once in awhile it’s OK to break the rules.

Eat the Cookie…Buy the Shoes – Joyce Meyer – Audio Compact Disc – Unabridged