God Don’t Make No Mistakes

God Don't Make No Mistakes by Mary Monroeby Mary Monroe

Lifelong friends Annette Goode Davis and Rhoda Nelson-O’Toole face some of their hardest life lessons yet in the sixth God novel. It’s filled with the spicy drama and heartwarming moments that have made readers fall in love with Mary Monroe’s bestselling series.

Annette is almost ready to reconcile with Pee Wee when Lizzie reappears on the scene, saying she’s carrying Pee Wee’s baby. Rhoda wishes she could be there for her best friend, but she’s got her own problems—her just-divorced daughter, Jade, has moved back home, bringing her hard-partying lifestyle and loose morals with her.

While Annette’s still trying to figure out whether to give Pee Wee the heave-ho, Roscoe and Ronald both try to take his place in her heart. Meanwhile, Annette’s half-sister, Lillimae, moves in—much to their mother’s outrage—and her daughter, Charlotte, is growing up way too fast. And the whole neighborhood flies into an uproar when Annette’s next door neighbor is arrested for running a child pornography ring!

Now, as family members, friends, lovers and enemies send Annette and Rhoda reeling from one crisis to another, the only thing that can hold their world together is their faith that God Don’t Make No Mistakes.
God Don’t Make No Mistakes – Mary Monroe – Paperback