Eliza’s Freedom Road

An Underground Railroad Diary

Poet Nikki Giovanni says Eliza’s Freedom Road “…is not a book for yesterday but rather for tomorrow.” Discover why as you follow this remarkable tale, reading about Eliza’s trials and triumphs on her quest for freedom with your children and grandchildren. In 1852 in Alexandria, Virginia, Eliza, a twelve-year-old orphaned slave, has only the quilt her mother gave her and memories in her heart as she makes her way to freedom, the words of a farmhand echoing in her head: “Your back to the set of the sun until you come to the safe house where the candlelight lights the window.” Eliza travels by night and sleeps by day, keeping a diary along the way, in this poignant story that vividly brings this historical period to life. Ages 9-12  
Eliza’s Freedom Road – Jerdine Nolen – Hardcover