The Baptism

by Shelia P. Moses

Twelve-year-old twin brothers Leon and Luke Curryare now old enough to get baptized, and their Ma has given them one week to cleanse themselves of their “sinning” ways and get themselves ready for the big event. But it’s only going to happen if they can keep themselves out of trouble! Which is easier said than done when you just got a new stepfather; when you have a bullying big brother who plays tricks on you; and when it’s summertime and all you want to do is go fishing instead of working in the fields. How they stick together as only twelve-year-old boys can, managing to save themselves while also unexpectedly saving their entire family in a week’s time, is the heart of this moving, poignant and at times funny novel. Ages 9-12.
The Baptism – Shelia P. Moses – Paperback
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